Family play day at Rainier Vista Park

Well, we tried to go to church today but some sort of event must have been happening at the church because we couldn’t find a parking spot for blocks and finally gave up. Then we went to the mall to eat lunch, return Christmas gifts, and let Orion play on the toys.

After the mall it was still a nice sunny (but cold) day so we loaded up the boys and went to Rainier Vista park in Lacey. It’s a park that has very little shading…perfect for a sunny but cold day in this area. Then we headed home.

Ollie seems a bit fussy and we think we know why. He has 2 more teeth erupting. These are on the bottom and when they are completely in he will now have 6 teeth…2 on top and 4 on bottom. Ollie is pointing a lot more and trying to mimic what we say. He also attempts sign language occasionally. He still remains to be a gentle-spirited child…even in his fussy times.

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