Christmas Eve 2007

We finally made it through all the holiday festivities and gatherings to our own little family Christmas eve celebration.

We drove the boys down to the Capital to see the big Christmas tree. Believe it or not, this is the first year in all the years we’ve lived in Olympia that we’ve seen the Capital Christmas tree. We figured we better get a glimpse before they rule against all public Christmas displays.

Orion seemed to like going to the Capital Building and walking up all of those steps.

Then we rushed home to make gluten-free / casein-free Christmas cookies for Santa.

Orion was a big help in the kitchen and really enjoyed baking and eating cookies.

Then we read “Twas The Night Before Christmas” together. This is the first year that Orion is truly aware of Santa and all that he is. He kept hoping that Santa would come and bring him the toy garage that he asked for. He would ask “Santa comes to Orion’s house, Mommy?”. Mommy’s response would be “If you are a good boy he will”. We have to get all the mileage out of that that we can.

We also read about the story of the birth of Jesus together and told Orion about the true meaning and importance of Christmas. Now when you ask him what Christmas is he says “Baby Jesus was born on Christmas.” That’s good enough for us!

We had a nice family day and evening together and feel so blessed this holiday season.

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