A Leavenworth christmas trip with the Jenkin's family

We went to Leavenworth with Mommy’s extended family over the holiday season. There were over 20 of us in one big house and it was fun and crazy all at the same time.

We, as a Jenkins family unit, prepared two of the six meals and it seemed to be acceptable. I don’t think we’ll win any cooking awards but everyone got fed.

There was lots of snow and Mommy was excited that she got to ski with Grandpa Gadget at Stevens Pass.

Meanwhile, Daddy stayed back at the big house with the boys. While Ollie napped, Daddy coerced Orion out into the show. Daddy got to try out his new snowshoes and carted Orion around on them on his back.

Orion was a bit under the weather and really didn’t want to do much but sleep and watch videos. He’s not a big fan of snow even when he is healthy…just too bright for him. But despite all of that, Orion enjoyed playing with Jolene, a 3 year old family member.

Not much sleep was had during this vacation but it was still packed with fun memories.

We had a great extended family vacation in Leavenworth, WA. Little Ollie loved crawling around a huge house with lots of carpet. He was constantly on the go. Here he is sitting at a big table eating breakfast. Behind him are the beautiful snow covered birch trees. It was a very picturesque setting for a Christmas gathering.

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