One year old Ollie

Happy Birthday little Ollie. Oliver is 1 yr old today. We immediately find out how hard it is for his December birthday to not get ignored because of the whirlwind of Christmas activity. Poor kid.

We officially didn’t celebrate until December 19th. That day Grandma had taken big brother Orion to her house for the day/night and we had time to focus just on Ollie.

We got him a piece of lemon cake and let him dig into it. He seemed to like the mess more than the actual cake which is no huge surprise. It just proves more how much of a non-eater he is. What kid doesn’t like cake? (answer: both of our kids!)

As far as milestones, Ollie has been doing a lot of pointing to things lately and trying to label them. The cutest thing is that when he sees the Christmas tree he points with his little finger and says “twi twi twee”. Oh, it’s so adorable and just makes you want to squeeze him! We love our little Ollie. Thank you Lord for a great first year with the best Christmas gift we ever received (besides Jesus, of course)

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