Orion out-of-sorts

We don’t know what the issue is but Orion has not been a happy kid lately. I guess you wouldn’t know it by this picture of him waiting for the school bus.

He just is so on edge. The slightest thing sets him off. He gets mad when the sun goes down and screams that he wants us to make it daytime again. He’s been throwing things, kicking, hitting, the works. You know, he goes through these phases every so often and we never can pinpoint the trigger. We just get through it. Then in a few days he usually returns to a happier kid.

Maybe all kids go through this but his are just more extreme changes. I don’t know. It’s hard when his language is limited and he can’t really tell you what’s going on with him.

But we love him beyond words and will weather whatever he can throw at us (pun intended!).

On a funny and happier note, he said something very amusing. We were trying to load the boys into the car and Ollie was causing a minor fuss. Orion turned to him and said “Oliver, I don’t have time for your little games”. It was very funny. It seems I may have uttered that phrase a few times to Orion when trying to get out the door. Now it’s all coming back at me! You gotta love kids for showing you your true self.

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