Thanksgiving 2007

Well, we had a great time visiting on Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Bellevue, WA. It was a smaller crowd this year because Aunt Kathy and Uncle Seong Yoon were away in India in deep meditation.

The guest list was Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin Deb, Mommy, Daddy, Orion, Oliver, Baxter, and Kitty.

Orion was spoiled with some new toys that Grandma and Grandpa got him. He loved this new train set that had a ticket booth, cargo, a crain, and much more. He tried to coerce us all into the basement to play with him. “You wanna play trains with me Grandma. You wanna play trains with me Daddy. How ’bout you play trains with me Mommy”. On and on the requests went. When he wore us all out he resorted to playing in the basement by himself.

Orion doesn’t like new foods so when we asked him if he wanted turkey he immediately declined. So we started calling it chicken and he ate it all up. Sometimes ya’ gotta do what ya’ gotta do.

After all the great food we spent the night. It was a rough night because Ollie woke up at 4am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. But, it was still very nice to visit with the grandparents!

Oliver loves blow toys. He loves to blow on straws, whistles, and particularly kazoos.

Once you watch this video you may start to understand the constant noise level in our house. They just love to cause a ruckus. I guess that’s what boys are all about!

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