Daddy departs and teeth erupt

So, the day after my last Oliver blog post his second bottom tooth arrived. And now Daddy is out-of-town in Yakima and suddenly the two upper teeth are starting to erupt. This left Ollie massively fussy today. It was no fun for anyone.

Big brother had his intensive behavioral therapy today and had major tantrums. So between his tantrums and Ollie’s fussiness from teething, Mommy is an emotional wreck.

Both boys are in bed now but Mommy is too lazy to clean the house and is blogging instead.

Another note, Ollie is very close to crawling. He gets up on his knees and elbows and teeters back and forth. Occasionally he lunges forward for one stride but then belly flops. Life will be much more interesting yet complicated once Ollie is mobile! Yikes!

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