Gaining weight and cutting teeth

Well, two days ago we had our 2 week follow-up with Dr. Mason for Oliver’s weight check. He gained 1 lb in 2 weeks which Dr. Mason said was better than expected. So, he wants us to continue the food journal, keep crammin’ the calories in him, and keep doing the late night feedings.

On the same day as his Dr’s appointment his first tooth broke through. He had been exceedingly difficult for a while and I think that explains why. He continues to be difficult and so I think a second tooth is trying to poke through. I’ve been giving him pain reliever every 6 hours and it’s helped a little.

The biggest problem with his pain is that he is even more stubborn about food refusal. With liquids I first try a bottle, then a cup, then nursing, then a syringe, then lastly a spoon. The syringe usually works but takes forever. We usually want him to take at least 3 ounces of breast milk. There are about 7 full syringes in an ounce. So, that’s 21 syringes. Each syringe takes him about 3 minutes to do. So it takes about 1 hour to get him to take 3 ounces of liquid by syringe. My point in all of this is that it’s very time consuming and frustrating…especially with Orion needing attention during all of that.

Okay…now I sound way too negative in this blog entry. I must accentuate the positive! The positive is that he is gaining weight and Dr. Mason is hopeful that if we try we may get him back up the 25th percentile in the next 4 weeks or so. That would be wonderful.

Daddy is out-of-town in Reno and we miss him immensely. Oh Daddy, we sure do love you! Please come home and help your little boy get chunky!!!

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