A Benson Lake girls getaway with Ollie

Oliver was the only guy at a girl’s weekend retreat to Benson Lake with Mommy and Stacie. Mommy enjoyed spending time with one of her best friends and just chatting about life without too many interruptions.

We cooked special meals for each other including Tom Khaa Gai (thai soup) and Crunchy French Toast. It was very yummy. Oliver even tried eating a bit of Pad Thai.

Stacie felt like it was a challenge that she couldn’t refuse to try and get food into Ollie. She tried the distraction techniques, mixing different foods, etc. She soon realized that feeding Ollie is no easy task.

We walked around the lake in the morning just before the heavy rain set in. Then Stacie stayed on for another night while Mommy returned home to her other fellas.

At home things seemed orderly and calm. Daddy did a great job watching Orion and keeping the house clean. Mommy was really proud of Daddy! It was a nice break from normal life.

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