Daddy is the best!

Hooray! Daddy is home. We missed him so much.

Daddy got home mid-afternoon yesterday so he headed off to peak in on Orion at preschool. He arrived around snack time and Orion happily ate his banana chips.

Then Orion took the school bus home and Daddy met him and took him shopping so Mommy could get a break.

Daddy pampered Mommy all night by watching the boys, making dinner, and then letting her sleep lots! Daddy is the absolute best!!!

Then today he woke up with Orion and they worked out in the garden. They picked the pumpkins that they grew. They also picked tomatoes. Here is a picture of Orion with all the things he helped Daddy grow. He is so proud.

Oh…and today is Grandma’s birthday. We love you Grandma. We hope to play with you soon!!!

The challenge is on! We must beef Ollie up. He is just too small. We started a food journal to keep track of his calories. You really realize how little he chooses to eat when you write it down.

So, at this point we are slightly forcing him to eat even when he turns away. Because honestly, he almost always turns away from a spoon full of food or pushes away a bottle. So we distract him and sneak a bite in or a sip in. We let him play with other spoons and when he opens to put one in his mouth we quickly put a spoonful of sweet potatoes and chicken, or prunes, or whatever high calorie food we can dig up.

It must be making a difference in a small way because his poops have increased! That’s gotta be a good sign. But, he may be having some tummy issues because of all of it because when we put him down to sleep tonight he woke up a short time later crying and grunting. He usually sleeps for a long stretch after about 10:00pm at night. Not tonight.

Anyway, Ollie was glad to have Daddy home to ruffle him up. Daddy loved playin’ with the two boys together and even swaddled them both up tightly on the floor for old times sake. Ah…our little bundles of joy!

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