Frazzled and sick without Daddy

Another day without Daddy. Things are starting to unravel around here.

Last night Lynsey babysat both boys. It was the first time we had ever left Oliver with a sitter. Mommy went to Bible study and Daddy is still out-of-town.

When Mommy returned Lynsey looked a bit frazzled. I guess Oliver was fussy. Hopefully it didn’t scare one of our favorite sitters away!

Then last night Orion coughed through a lot of the night keeping Mommy awake. Oliver was up every couple of hours wanting to comfort nurse. And Baxter busted through his gates because he had diarrhea! Not much sleep was had by Mommy.

Today we cancelled Orion’s Speech Therapy with Dana Banana and we skipped Preschool too. We just need to get healthy around here. Both boys and Mommy now have this icky cold! Please come home soon Daddy and take care of us sicky-poos!

Well, yesterday I took Oliver to his 9 month check-up. We thought he was eating much better than before but it seems he’s still dropping on the weight charts. He started at around the 75th percentile and has dropped and dropped at each appointment. Now is he below the 5th percentile. Not good.

He just doesn’t like liquid intake. It’s such a struggle for him with his reflux and laryngomalacia. We’ve been seeing a Speech Language Pathologist for the past 3 months that gave us a few new feeding cups and spoons. That helped but I guess not enough.

The Doctor wants us to put Ollie back on his reflux medication, Prevacid. He thinks maybe he has silent reflux…where you don’t see the food come all the way back up but it still burns. We will try Prevacid for 2 weeks, keep a thorough food journal of his caloric intake, and come back for a weigh in. If he hasn’t improved in 2 weeks we will then go to a nutritionist in Tacoma for more suggestions.

He does seem to enjoy self-feeding more than anything. I put peaches on his tray today and he loved them except that they were a bit sour. He made a few funny faces but still ate them.

How on earth did I end up with 2 children that won’t eat??!

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