ABA therapy and 1st day of Preschool

What a day Orion had! Today he started ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis). It’s an intensive (and I do mean intensive!) therapy to help control some of his disruptive behaviors so that he can function better in a school environment. Evelyn McNitt, the therapist, spent 2 hours with him pushing him far past his limits. She spent a very long time trying to get him to eat a raisin sized piece of carrot. He finally relented after a long, huge battle. Somehow Mommy thinks this therapy will be harder on her than Orion!

After all of that Orion then headed off to his first day of Preschool. He did quite well there. I guess after Evelyn’s therapy school seemed like a breeze.

He was excited to see the bus driver, Theresa, again and ride the bus. Mommy is so happy school is back!

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