Oliver gets dedicated at church

We dedicated Oliver in front of the church today. Sounds like a simple thing but it got a bit hairy.

You see, Orion refuses to go in the church building these days. So, we made arrangements for Tracy and Richard to pick up Orion before we left for church. Well, it takes us about 20 minutes to drive, park, and get seated at church. Church starts at 9am and we were the first thing on the agenda. But at 8:50am we were still at our house waiting for Tracy to arrive. No call or sign of her anywhere. We thought maybe she forgot so we loaded the boys in the car and decided to drop me off at the church to tell the pastor we were canceling the dedication. Here we were all dressed up and very upset. Just as we are turning off of our street, who saunters slowly around the corner? Richard and Tracy. There seemed to be no sense of urgency on their part. Then they announce that they need Orion’s car seat. Now it’s 8:52! Oy. We toss the car seat, Orion, and Orion’s stuff out of the car and break all speed limits to get to church. We rip Ollie out of the car and bolt inside just in time to be seated briefly and be called up for the dedication. It was not the calm morning we had hoped for.

But Oliver was happy and quiet on stage. He didn’t even seem to mind that Pastor Chuck was holding him instead of Mommy. Mommy prayed for her mean, aggressive thoughts toward Tracy and later called her to forgive her for her lateness. (Not that she really seemed to care or want forgiveness.)

Anyway, here’s a cute picture of Ollie and Daddy at church after the dedication.

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