Camping at Cougar Rock – Mt. Rainier

This weekend we all went camping at Cougar Rock campground at Mt. Rainier State Park. It was our annual camping trip with our church home group.

The weather started out good. Friday night was nice and clear. Saturday was perfect for a nice hike. We took the shuttle bus up to Paradise Lodge and then hiked down. Orion did most of the hiking himself but did occasionally ride on the shoulders of our good friend, Dustin.

Orion is really a good little camper. He loves the hiking, the campfire, the company, and especially the tent sleeping. He slept in a little tent inside of the big tent with Daddy. He slept better than he ever does at home.

Saturday night and Sunday it rained and rained. But thanks to a tarp that covered our campfire and picnic table we were able to stay warm at breakfast time. And the double tent thing kept Orion dry at night. It as a great trip!

Ollie took his first bus ride ever. We took our annual church camping trip to Mt. Rainier. On Saturday the weather was clear so we all took the shuttle bus from Cougar Rock campground up to Paradise Lodge. Ollie enjoyed looking out the window with Daddy on the bus.

Daddy carried Ollie in the front pack as we hiked. He seemed to like it. Ollie fell asleep about halfway through though.

At night, Ollie and Mommy slept in the back of the minivan. We removed the back seats so Mommy had room to sprawl out. Big bro’ and Daddy slept in tents. Saturday night it started to rain quite a bit but Ollie was nice and dry in the minivan. Mommy piled on lots of clothes so he looked like stuffed tic. He was toasty warm. Despite the rain, we all had a good time.

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