Orion's 4th birthday

Today Orion turned 4. What a big boy he is becoming!

These days he’s been obsessed at school and therapy sessions with dollhouses. So, Mommy found a good one on eBay for him for his birthday. He loves it. Daddy wasn’t too pleased that his boy was getting a dollhouse. But atleast it’s not pink!

We didn’t have a party today for Orion because that is being postponed until Grandpa Gadget and Nancy are in town.

Instead, Grandma came over and took Orion to the park while Daddy, Mommy, and Ollie went to church.

Afterwards we played at home. Then Daddy took Orion to the dump with him. Then we all went to McDonald’s so Orion could play on the toys and eat a hamburger. He seemed very happy today.

Today was big brother Orion’s birthday! He’s 4 years old. Ollie really looks up to him. He enjoys watching Orion run around and often giggles at him. He reaches out for him and tries to hug him too. It’s cute.

Today Grandma watched Orion while Ollie, Mommy, and Daddy went to church for the first time in a long time. Afterward, Ollie also went to lunch with Mom and Dad at a Vietnamese restaurant. Ollie skipped his morning nap to stay awake for all of this.

He’s eating much better these days. He completely refuses to nurse when he’s awake and alert so he is fed with a special cup that a Speech Language Pathologist gave us. Ollie likes it. He also likes Mum Mum biscuits and lots of solid foods. He is starting to get a little chunkier. It’s a good thing!

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