Parenting triage

It was a sunny day and Mommy attempted to get Orion out in the backyard to play on the new toys. But he slipped while climbing up the slide a few times and then didn’t want to play anymore. So then he let me push him in the new bike trailer for a while. Ollie went for a brief ride too.

Orion had a very large meltdown later in the day when Mommy offered him a blueberry. He said he didn’t want the blueberry but wanted fruit snacks. When Mommy said no he flipped out and kicked, screamed, and ran all over the house in a crazed state. Then Ollie started crying. Mommy didn’t know who or what to deal with first. Sometimes parenting is like triage. You assess who is in the most dire situation and go to that person first.

Orion’s tantrum was huge so he ended up in a time out. But after it was all over he was fine and even made cupcakes with Mommy for Grandpa’s birthday.

Of all of the challenges in my lifetime, Orion may be the most complex one. I pray that God grants me wisdom to help parent my beautiful and yet very complicated child.

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