A fog of sickness in the house

Everyone in the house is sick. Orion caught it first. Then Daddy got it. Then Oliver got it. And now finally Mommy is sick too. Mommy stayed up 2 nights in a row listening to Oliver breathe. That didn’t help her to stay healthy.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of summer preschool. This week it is very rainy and overcast. It looks like November out there…minus the chill. Mommy’s not entirely sure how to entertain Orion in this weather and in her sleep deprived state.

Well, another cold has struck Ollie. I really hate it when my little guy gets sick. He’s so precious. He still smiles through it all.

As a mother, it’s so hard to tell when to take action and take your child in to the Doctor and when to just wait it out. With Ollie it’s especially hard since he has the added breathing issues. At night he just coughs and coughs. But in the day time he seems slightly happier. He even cooed and giggled with me a bunch today. I just don’t know. I pray that God gives me wisdom.

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