Fun at the Alison Krauss concert

Last night we spent the night at the Benson Lake cabin so that Daddy could be closer to the rotary auction on Bainbridge Island…a major event for us each year!

After Daddy did the rotary auction he met us back at the cabin and we all drove out to Redmond to go to the Alison Krauss concert at Marymoor Park. We came a few hours early and met Alison and Ron, her banjo player, right as they were starting dinner. We shared in their catering and hung out for a while. Orion enjoyed running around the park mansion with Sam, Alison’s son. Alison had fun holding Ollie and goofin’ around with the boys.

We weren’t sure how well Orion would do through the concert but he did really well. We had lawn seating so that helped. It was perfect weather. Orion didn’t freak out at all when the volume of the music started. He just hung out in Mommy’s lap. Ollie slept through most of the concert but fussed a bit before.

We popped in backstage after the concert to say goodbye. Then we loaded everyone in the van and headed back to sleep at Grandma’s house. Mommy had a nice time visiting with an old friend.

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