A big, hairy, scary, surprise in our bedroom at 3:00AM!

Okay…so Daddy and Mommy are sound asleep when, at 3:00AM, we awaken to the sound of wings flapping and strange high-pitched squealing. That’s right….a big, hairy bat flew into our bedroom from the window. Yikes! Mommy does the sensible thing and hides under the covers, curled up in a little ball screaming. Daddy jumps up and runs downstairs to get a curtain. He returns and tries to toss the curtain on top of the bat mid-flight. After numerous failed attempts he succeeds and removes the bat. But, of course, we could not go back to sleep after that madness!

The next morning we were exhausted and lingered at home for a while. We skipped church and headed to Lattins’ Cider mill for apple fritters. Then, since we were out that way, we drove by Offutt Lake. Then we took out the map and found another lake called Macintosh lake. We headed that way. It was a very secluded, quiet lake.

Daddy found a red huckleberry tree full of berries and started picking. Meanwhile, Mommy set the boys down by a rock and took this picture. It was a fun day after a rough night!

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