Orion moves to a big boy bed!

After realizing that Orion took very well to camping in his little tent, the wheels started spinning in Mommy’s head. Maybe this was the way to get him to move out of the crib to the big boy bed.

His crib was already disassembled so that Grandpa could use his room. Orion has been sleeping in Ollie’s crib while family was in town. So, rather than reassemble his crib, we went to Target and bought a tent for his big boy bed.

Viola! Problem solved. He now loves his big boy bed. He sleeps all night with no problems. He naps in it and doesn’t even try to get out. Amazing. Of course, it did help that we removed ALL toys from his room. All that is in there are just a few books and a closet full of clothes. Good thing he’s not a girl or he’d find a way to play with those clothes.

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