Finally content on back

At almost 6 months of age Ollie is finally more content lying on his back. It seems like we have kept him elevated in either his car seat or his fitted wedge (a device the hospital made for him to sleep in) for almost 6 months now to help with his Laryngomalacia and GERD. But, consequently, he is now a bit delayed in the rolling over milestones. We’ve seen him do it on the odd occasion. But, not until recently.

Anyway, Ollie and Orion went to Grandma’s house last night. Grandma did a great job watching both boys. Mommy and Daddy went to the Police concert in Seattle. Mommy was hesitant to leave Ollie for very long because he is still reliant on her as a main food source. But now that he is eating some solids there are other options. Here is the list of solid foods Ollie has eaten so far…in order…

1) rice cereal with b. milk
2) applesauce
3) pears
4) prunes
5) oatmeal cereal with b. milk
6) oatmeal cereal with b. milk and prunes

We have a whole cabinet full of other foods to try but we need to take it slowly so we can figure out any allergic reactions he may have. The rice cereal really blocked him up so we switched to oatmeal cereal. And the prunes tend to help with all of that if done in moderation. He really is excited about the solid food thing. I started out just doing it once a day but now we are up to twice a day. I have actual hope that this kid will eat a variety of things, unlike his brother.

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