Monthly Archives: June 2007

Sledding in June

The sun finally came out during Grandpa's visit...right as it's about to end. Oh well. Today we hung around Olympia. We took the boys to Priest Point Park with Grandpa, Aunt Oneida, Uncle Matt, Mommy, and Daddy. We had a...
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Pike Place Market with Grandpa George

Today Grandpa George, Aunt Oneida, Uncle Matt, Dad, Mom, and Ollie headed out to Seattle to enjoy the Pike Place Market. Orion was at preschool and with Grandma while we were away (last day of school!) We enjoyed shopping the market, watching...
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Finally content on back

At almost 6 months of age Ollie is finally more content lying on his back. It seems like we have kept him elevated in either his car seat or his fitted wedge (a device the hospital made for him to sleep...
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