Lessons learned

I’m learning new lessons every day in parenting.

Lesson #1 – Set a timer when boiling/sanitizing things on the stove. I have been in the habit of boiling Ollie’s pacifiers and medicine syringes on the stove. I do it so much that usually I’m on auto pilot at the end of an evening cleaning up and I just plop them in, walk around the house cleaning, and come back in a few minutes to take them out. That did not happen this time. I totally forgot I had even put them on the stove. Then we fell asleep on the couch. Yikes! We woke up right as the water had boiled down to nothing and the plastic was burning away. By the end of it all the only thing remaining on the pacifiers were the nipples, and the syringe was completely gone. It smelled so toxic in the house that we woke the boys up at 1 AM and put them in the van while John aired out the house. Not good. God was certainly watching over us that night allowing us to wake up. I will NEVER EVER casually boil and leave anything again. Our new rule is to set the timer on the stove. Please don’t anyone call and give me a lecture on this. I have learned the err of my ways.

Lesson #2 – No matter how “backed-up” your baby is, use prunes sparingly. Oh my goodness. Ollie has been backed up for like 8 days. We have tried giving him small amounts of prune juice mixed with b. milk. No effect. I found out Gerber makes prune baby food so I went out searching for some and found it. I stocked up and went home to try it. Now, Ollie’s new thing is that he gets ECSTATIC as soon as you strap him into his high chair and the spoon comes out. He kicks and squeals with glee. So….I try the prunes and he loves it (see picture as evidence). When I tried to put away the prunes he started to cry. So I thought…”he’s really backed up…what’s a few more spoonfuls really gonna hurt?”. Well, the next morning as the school bus arrived I put Ollie in his bouncy chair and left him for a few minutes to put Orion on the bus (the bus arrives at our front door so don’t call CPS on me!). I came back into the house to find a major poo poo explosion. Be thankful I didn’t post a picture of that. So…lesson learned. Prunes do work…but use very sparingly!!!

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