False Advertising!

Well, it was memorial day today and it was very hot in Olympia. It was in the mid 80’s but seemed even hotter. Daddy is finally home and we decided to go out shopping for a kiddie pool for Orion.

We bought this pool because the slide looked like it would be a lot of fun this summer. Look at the picture of Orion who is so much bigger than the slide that he is all crunched up. Then look at the picture from the box. Yeah, right! Can you say “False Advertising!!!”? That picture is so digitally altered it’s not even funny. I was aggravated because we spent $25 on this dinky pool so I sent an email to the manufacturer and I also posted a negative review on Amazon. So, a warning to all of you parents looking for some good summer fun. Don’t buy the Banzai Spray & Splash Giraffe Pool unless you shrink your kids first!

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