Lacking adult conversation

Day two without Daddy and it’s sad and lonely. Mommy is craving some regular adult conversation. Not much luck getting it from the boys.

Orion has this new obsession. He likes to babble some nonsense like “boo ba goo bee bow” and then he says “Can you do that, Mommy?”. Then he wants you to repeat it. If you don’t he says “Can you do that, Mommy?” over and over and over again. This game goes on for hours with him and Mommy is quickly losing it. He’ll do it loudly while Mommy is on the phone or he’ll ignore story time and interrupt to do that. It’s driving Mommy absolutely batty.

Then this afternoon Orion somehow still didn’t feel like he was getting enough attention so he opened up his sippy cup and deliberately dumped his water out all over the couch and then started screaming “Oops, I made a mess Mommy”. There was no “oops” about it. Thankfully it was just water. Now he’s finally down for a nap so Mommy will try to rest while she can. Please come home soon Daddy!

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