Daddy out-of-town, preschool hat, and a hungrier Ollie

Daddy is out-of-town again. He headed off to Rochester, NY this morning. We already miss him so much!

Orion went to preschool since he is now healthy and happy. He was excited to get on the school bus. He even drew a nice picture of the school bus and gave it to Theresa, the bus driver, this morning. His drawings are getting so much more detailed and his creativity often amazes us.

He came home from preschool wearing this silly paper hat that he made. He’s so cute!

Oliver is so much healthier today. Praise God! He is eating much better too. We started him on rice cereal the other day and he loves it. I put him in the high chair today and his face just lit up with glee when he saw the spoon come out. He just kicked and squealed and opened his mouth wide like a baby bird. So cute! I have hope for him that he may actually eat regular food unlike his big brother. But, I don’t want to speak too soon. We’ll just pray he continues down a good path.

Anyway, Daddy left today and we miss him. Big brother Orion looked all over the house after his nap and said “No Daddy?”. Daddy please come home soon and play with us!

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