Sickness, and steroids, and solids…Oh my!

What a crazy few days it’s been. Well, Orion brought home some sort of nasty cold about 12 days ago. He eventually passed it on to all of us….including Baxter! Anyway, we were mostly concerned for Ollie because of his Laryngomalacia.

On Friday Orion was still sick and Ollie was getting worse so we took them both in to see Dr. Mason. Orion was basically at the tail end of the sickness. But Dr. Mason was concerned about Oliver and his breathing. He prescribed steroids to be taken orally. But Ollie ended up vomiting the first 2 doses we tried. So, the next day we were back at the Dr’s again for a shot of steroids for Ollie.

During all of Oliver’s sickness John and I took turns staying up at night and listening to him breath so that he wouldn’t turn blue in the night. Needless to say we were very exhausted because we also were sick with this cold.

After the steroids shot Ollie seemed much better. He even started nursing better than ever before. Usually he has struggles with nursing and only does a minimal amount. But suddenly he was going for the gusto!

Well, that all ended today! He has been on about a 13 hour nursing strike. No good. We took him back to the Dr. to see if he needed another steroid shot but Dr Mason said he looked better and didn’t need it. So, I went home and attempted to feed him again. I finally had success by putting him in the high chair and mixing some breast milk with rice cereal. He went for it. He was even lunging for the spoon. Amazing. He only ate a few ounces all together. But hey…something is better than nothing. And he looked so darn cute with his little body in that big ‘ol high chair. That’s my sweetie!

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