Happy, sickly Mother's Day

Well, today is Mother’s Day and it started out a bit rough. Big brother Orion was up at night coughing. He’s been sick for days but we thought he was getting better. Not so.

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Seong Yoon came over for lunch. They tried taking Orion to the park but it was overcast and Orion wasn’t feeling so good. When he returned home he was eating yogurt and suddenly vomited all over himself, the floor, and Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day…NOT!

Ollie, however, does not seem sick yet. He isn’t much into eating but that’s typical for him. We had some nice alone time with him after everyone left and Orion was down for a nap. Ollie squealed and giggled with glee. Very adorable. Then Mommy and Daddy gave him a nice, warm bath. It’s sad that we don’t often have that alone time with Ollie. I guess only the first born gets that undivided parental attention. It doesn’t seem to bother Ollie much though. He’s just a constantly happy fella!

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