Computer obsession and water play meltdown

Orion has good days and bad days. Today was somewhere in between.

He got on the bus for school fine this morning.

After getting off the bus and coming inside he ran straight for his computer. We got him his own computer because we got sick of him taking over ours. But now it’s kind of backfiring on us because he is obsessed with it. He uses the mouse quite well and can open all of his game web site. He can even open up a Word document and change the font. His computer skills are amazing. But, his patience is not! If something goes wrong and he can’t fix it by hitting the escape key, he starts screaming and throwing things around the room. Daddy says it reminds him of Mommy when she has a computer problem.

So today I decided to limit the computer time and go upstairs to play. That was fine for a while. He was playing with cups in the bathroom sink and using up all of the hand soap in the dispenser so I removed it. Then he started screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing water and cups at me. To diffuse the whole situation I decided to take pictures of it. He was confused. It was like, “Mom, how can I throw a tantrum if you are photographing me…make sure you get my good side!” Suddenly he couldn’t keep up the tantrum and had to smile.

Children are such a joy and a trial all at the same time.

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