Oliver discovers his hands and feet

Today I was changing Ollie’s clothes and he liked being naked. Then suddenly he hit 3 baby milestones all in one moment. He discovered his hands were functional. He discovered he could grab his toes. And he discovered he could grab his toes and roll on his side. This was fun for a long while for him. He gave me lots of smiles and giggles.

But the smiles quickly faded when his backed-up tummy pain returned. He hasn’t had a major movement in many days and he’s just so frustrated. So, today I opted not to give him Prevacid since it can cause backups. Let’s just hope I don’t find this to be a big mistake at 3 AM.

Ollie has had many feeding refusals and, in fact, today went for over 5 hours refusing to eat. But he was hungry all at the same time. So he cried and cried. His crying caused Orion to ramp up his antics! He wanted more and more attention and mimicked Ollie’s crying. Mommy was on the verge but held it together. When Daddy came home everyone was calm and happy as if nothing ever happened.

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