Apple fritters at Lattin's Cider Mill

We saw on the weather report that it was going to rain, rain, rain…and then rain some more starting late this afternoon. So, while it was dry we decided to go outside.

We all went to Lattin’s Country Cider Mill to have fresh baked apple fritters and see the animals. The pig had mysteriously disappeared and Orion asked where he was. Mommy told him that the pig went on “vacation”. That seemed to be acceptable to him.

After the cider mill we took Orion to Pioneer park to play. The slides were wet and it was cold outside so our play time was short. Then Orion threw a huge screaming fit when we left that continued all the way home. At home he got a time out in the “naughty chair” and actually seemed to understand why. He apologized and is now much happier.

It’s St. Patrick’s day today but I guess we won’t be hitting any pubs and singing irish tunes. Life changes after kids!

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