Uncomfortable Ollie

So, in the previous post I had to open my big mouth and say how easy it is to care for Ollie. Then in an instant things change. I still think it all stems from some digestive problems with Ollie. He is just squirming a lot and seems very uneasy and uncomfortable.

Lately it feels like I just get done with dealing with Orion’s chaos and screaming and I turn around and Ollie is fussing and needs to be picked up. And I then go through the whole routine of burping, rocking, walking, nursing, pacing, swinging on front porch, baby bjorn front pack, singing, and bouncing on one foot while cackling like a chicken. Okay, maybe I made up that last part. But honestly, I try everything and usually after about 45 minutes something works. Either that or Ollie just wears himself out from fussing.

Today I pretended like we were slow dancing in the kitchen and I sang “Dream a Little Dream of Me” while twirling around with him. That finally worked. I had to slowly twirl him into his car seat and continue singing to get him to go to sleep. Then he was in a deep sleep.

My house is a mess, my life is disorderly, I rarely have something prepared for dinner when John gets home. But hey…everyone is alive. That’s gotta count for something!

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