2 boys and a heat wave!

Today we watched Matthew while his mom and dad were at a summer camp. He was very reluctant to go with us when we picked him up. I guess we look kind of suspicious.

First we headed to Priest Point Park because it is shady and not too crowded. We played there for about an hour and a half and then headed home for an early lunch. Then we went to the Children’s  Museum to get into an air conditioned space because it was about 92 degrees inside our house. I guess the temperature outside was 101! Yikes!!!

We lingered at the museum for 2 hours and then returned home because it was getting to be Orion’s nap time. Matthew didn’t want to nap so John took him to Blockbuster to pick out a movie he might like.

After Orion awoke from his nap we put the kiddy pool and the trampoline in the backyard and they played there until dinner time. By the end of it all I think Matthew wasn’t as suspicious of us and actually had a good time. We, of course, were exhausted!  How do people do this with 2 kids? I don’t know.

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