Christmas Eve dinner with cousin Deb

Well, it was Christmas Eve day today and cousin Deb came by to have lunch with us.  She lives in Gig Harbor and works in Tacoma.  Considering she’s so close, we wish we could visit with her more often but both of our schedules are pretty busy these days.

Orion loved having company.  He was running around like a crazy guy, as usual.  After he took a nap he was a bit grumpy but cheered up faster since Deb was here.  Here he is sitting on her shoulders.  He was giggling up there and having a good time but never when the camera was out!

In the evening we headed off to church.  John even went to a second church service at 10:30pm at the church across the street from us.

I’m not sure if Orion is really aware of the whole Christmas thing.  Maybe tomorrow when he sees all the presents he’ll understand!

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