Good shopping trip and more sign language

We didn’t have much going on today. I’ve been getting some last minute shopping done and trying to get ready for Christmas.  It’s always hard to shop with Orion.  But surprisingly he was very good today.  He lasted for 45 minutes in a cart at Fred Meyer.  That was amazing.

I walked around and found a squishy, fun pen to play with and gave it to him.  He was amused for a long time just by taking on and off the cap.  When that bored him I bribed him with fruit snacks and found another fun thing to play with.

Back at home Orion added a new sign to his sign language repertoire. He said “more” and then “please” in sign.  His new sign was “please”.  I was so impressed.  I didn’t even know he was paying attention when I showed him that sign.  I better learn some more so I can teach him.

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