Orion breaks collar bone playing peek-a-boo

Orion broke his left clavicle (collar bone) the other day.  He was playing peek-a-boo in the curtains, got tangled up, and fell on the coffee table.  Both John and I watched it happen but couldn’t get to him fast enough to stop him from falling.  We took him to his Pediatrician and he told us that there is not much they can do for a broken clavicle.  It will heal in 4-6 weeks.

In the meantime, we are supposed to limit his physical activity to prevent him from falling on it again.  This means no occupational therapy, physical therapy, play groups, MOPS, etc.  It will be an isolated existence for a while.  But we will do whatever it takes to help him heal.

He seems to be in some pain at night when sleeping because he can’t get comfortable.  But in the day time he’s still very active.  He can’t really get around as well or use his left arm much.  But he still has a go, go, go attitude.

Here he is by the window in his room playing with his animal blocks.

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