Mommy attempts haircut while Daddy's out-of-town

Orion is feeling a bit better today.  We still decided to skip Bible Study to avoid contaminating all the kids there.  But we are going to try going to his Speech Therapy Appt. today.

The sun has been shining all morning and it’s been so nice.

I attempted to cut Orion’s hair while Daddy was out of town and it’s a bit crooked.  But it’s so hard to work on a moving target.  Even when he’s sick this kid rarely sits still.

Orion has been using a lot more 2 word phrases lately. During his bath the other day he said “all done, clean up, light off!”.  We are also working on trying to get him to say please…but I don’t think he totally understands it’s meaning.

Daddy comes home tomorrow night and we can’t wait!!!

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