Halloween 2005

Today was Halloween.  Here is Orion in his Superman costume. This photo was originally taken with Daddy tossing Orion into the air.  I cropped out Daddy’s hands and the background and added some missing stuff. He sure looks cute.

We tried to go trick-or-treating to a few houses in our neighborhood but Orion cried at almost every house.  We only made it to 3 houses.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Grandma drove up to help hand out candy since our neighborhood gets a ton of kids every year.  About 2 blocks away is the 100 pumpkin house.  They carve 100 pumpkins and it’s incredible.  This year they carved Johnny Cash, Johnny Carson, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob Square Pants…etc.  Amazing carvings.

Then rumor got out that at the Governer’s Mansion the Gov. (Christine Gregoire) was handing out candy and there was a special piece with a ticket into the Mansion for a Christmas tour.

Between the 100 pumpkins and the Gov Mansion…our neighborhood was the spot to go to!

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