Mommy returns from Texas

Mommy has regained control of the blog! Daddy is in Detroit this week.

This picture is kind of fuzzy…but I got the best smile out of him.  And right now that’s an accomplishment since he’s been running a fever for the past few days and he’s teething.

Because of Orion’s fever we have mostly hung around the house today.  We also made a quick trip to the grocery store.  Orion picked up a few phrases from Grandma yesterday like “kitty cat” and “ha, ha, you’re so funny” and he kept repeating them in the store.  He’s quite a character.

Daddy took very good care of the Orion, Baxter, and the house while Mommy was out of town. Even the laundry and dishes were done.  Mommy was very impressed and has decided she should go away more often!!! (hee, hee)

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