Farmers Market, bathroom demolition, and dirt at the park

There is nothing more fun to a boy than a fistful of dirt!

Today’s weather is a bit clouded over and wet.  We went to Saturday night church so we had this morning free.  I had hoped to sleep in but Orion had other plans!  The whole family tried to go to Lattin Cider Mill this morning but forgot that they open late on Sundays.  So then we made a quick trip to Starbucks and the Farmer’s Market.

Then Orion and I headed off to Tumwater Historical Park to play in the dirt while Daddy did more bathroom demolition.  Orion was covered from head to toe in dirt when we left the park and so was I.  He was kicking and screaming on the way out and shared his dirt with me in the process.  Now he is napping for the first time in 3 days and I am sipping tea!  Ahh…peaceful moments!!

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