Park Play with Grandma and Mommy goes clothes shopping!

It was very hot today. Grandma drove out for her Thursday visit with Orion. But when she arrived Orion wanted to nap…probably because he awoke that morning at 5:00 AM!

So while Orion napped and Grandma hung out at the house, I actually went shopping and tried on some clothes! Yep, these are things you take for granted when you don’t have kids. Ever since Orion, I usually just guess that the size of clothing is correct and then hope I can return it if not. Anyway, I bought myself an outfit..that fits!

Then when Orion woke up we went to Percival Landing Park and Grandma met up with us after she visited the Farmer’s Market. But we left when it was just too darn hot to hang around.

Here’s Grandma helping Orion balance on a toy at the park.

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