Painting, Popcorn Ceilings, and dinner with friends.

A good weekend, all in all. Saturday John took Orion for a few hours while I got my haircut and then came home and scraped the popcorn ceilings upstairs. Then while Orion napped we both painted upstairs. Then we quickly cleaned up to go out to dinner with Tracy and Richard for an early birthday celebration for me. We ate at this great place in Shelton called Xihn’s which is owned by a lady I took a cooking class from. We shared Tracy’s sitter and she said Orion was a bit fussy…oh well.

On Sunday I let John sleep in and Orion and I headed off to early church. Then we returned and John was in the thick of home projects so we walked around the neighborhood. John picked up a few clawfoot tubs from a co-worker and then we all drove to Benson Lake to check out the construction.

It was sunny for a brief stretch while John was getting the tubs and so Orion and I played in the back yard. He dug in the flower beds and got dirt everywhere. But he looked to be having a good time. Here is a picture of him in the back yard.

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