Park play and Arts Walk with Stacie

Yesterday was another nice day. Today’s been good too. We went to Lincoln Elementary yesterday and played on the toys until the bigger kids ran us off.

Today we mostly stayed home even though it was nice out. My car was in the shop so I got some cleaning done since Orion was content to play by himself.

In the evening we went to the Arts Walk downtown with Stacie and Ross and their kids. But we just ended up getting some food and going to the park at Percival Landing to let the kids play and eat. Great weather. Orion was even content to stay up an hour longer than normal.

Orion has a new phrase of mine that he immitates. He says…”Oh My!” and grabs his head. It’s very cute. Children really show you a mirror of yourself sometimes!

Anyway….it was a good day. Can’t wait for tomorrow. I love the weekend!

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