MOPS, Park Play, and Gravity

Another awesome day! LeAnn from MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) called this morning and asked if I wanted to meet her and another mom at Capital Lake and go walking. It was foggy at first but cleared.

I met a new mom, Julie. She has a son, Isaac, that is 1 month younger than Orion. After walking around the lake we all walked to a nearby park and let the kids play on the toys. Orion’s learning the hard way about gravity. He is a bit reckless when going down steps or anything high up. He fell today and realized Mommy can’t always be there to catch him. Anyway…this picture is from last night when John, Orion, and I walked over to Stevens Field to watch the kids play baseball. Orion ran around and had big giggles when Daddy chased him. It was a great night!

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